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Cost of Physician Burnout: $4.6 Billion

August 28, 2019

Cost of Physician Burnout: $4.6 Billion

According to a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, physician burnout is costing the U.S. about $4.6 billion annually when estimated by costs related to physician turnover and reduced clinical hours. Other studies have shown that the incidence of burnout may be as high as 50% among physicians alone. Those healthcare professionals with significant symptoms of burnout do not enjoy their work, and the personal toll on them is high. In addition, stress and burnout can affect quality of care and patient safety.

To help healthcare providers avoid burnout, LAMMICO offers “Provider Well-Being Consultation.” This peer consultation, given by Pamela J. Parsons, M.D., offers strategies to reduce burnout and promote provider well-being. To request a provider well-being consultation for an individual or a group, please call LAMMICO’s Risk Management and Patient Safety Department at 504.841.5211.

Another available resource is the online Burnout Learner Assessment. The result of this self-assessment will be a system-generated online learning plan to assist you with dealing with stress. To access the Burnout Learner Assessment, please log in as a LAMMICO Member and click “Go to MI.” The assessment can be found on the left-hand panel, under Browse Catalog and Learning Path.

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