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Louisiana Informed Consent Forms, Procedure Risks Updated for COVID-19 Risks

April 29, 2020

Louisiana Informed Consent Forms, Procedure Risks Updated for COVID-19 Risks

Enhanced documentation is crucial while healthcare is dealing with COVID-19. Besides documenting your informed consent discussion concerning COVID-19 in your medical record, you may want to add COVID-19 to your informed consent form.

In order to assist you with informed consent, LAMMICO has developed a new Members Only resource that is populated with the Louisiana Medical Disclosure Panel forms with the list of procedures and the associated risks identified by the Panel. These forms have COVID-19 as an added risk. 

As a LAMMICO insured, you now have complimentary access to this Informed Consent Resource for easy utilization of the informed consent forms and procedures that have been updated to include COVID-19 risk. You can download these forms by logging in as a Member on the LAMMICO website.

The benefits of utilizing the LAMMICO Informed Consent Resource include: 

  • Proper use of the forms and procedure risks secures the legal protections afforded by Panel law
  • One centralized location for Panel-approved Informed Consent forms 
  • Easily accessible online resource with downloading and printing capabilities

For more information, contact the LAMMICO Risk Management & Patient Safety Department at 504.841.5211.


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