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Protect Your Income with IDI Coverage

August 23, 2017

Protect Your Income with IDI Coverage

In the event of a disability, is your income protected? Will you be able to maintain your standard of living?  Consider that 25% of U.S. workers aged 20-50 will be disabled before age 67 with leading causes of disability claims identified below:

Insuring earning power unfortunately often goes overlooked because most professionals do not realize the extent of the impact a disability can have on potential earnings. Even for those healthcare professionals with coverage in place – especially those who are more highly paid – basic disability insurance falls short. Supplemental IDI can help narrow the gap between your disability benefits and your former net income.

If you believe that you may have individual coverage, pause to consider the last time you thought about this insurance. Are you well aware of the benefits and provisions in your existing policy? LAMMICO reminds physicians that we can help guide you through a personalized review of these protections and the income you could potentially miss if you aren’t adequately covered.

The inability to earn an income could cause significant financial challenges and force changes to your lifestyle and that of your family. Loss of ability to work and earn an income could also mean trouble for your medical practice. Fortunately, there are Individual Disability Insurance (IDI) products available to you that will pay a total monthly benefit in the event you cannot work due to a disability.

LAMMICO’s subsidiary agency, Elatas Risk Partners, enables LAMMICO-insured physicians to acquire IDI coverage with premiums discounted 25 percent from retail rates. Elatas’s policy is underwritten by Unum, the leading provider of IDI in the United States. Almost 60,000 healthcare professionals have chosen to insure with Unum against disability and protect their income.

This policy is also fully portable and can follow you wherever life may take you. It’s total compensation coverage that is individually owned with non-cancellable contracts and premiums that will not increase.

If you’d like to see how your existing disability coverage may compare to Unum’s IDI policies in protecting your lifestyle, just call Elatas. Our representatives are here to offer you a complimentary, comparative consultation to determine the best coverage that fits your unique needs.

To learn more about the IDI coverage offerings available, click here. To request a quote, click here or call 800.331.5777.

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