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Hurricane Preparedness and Response Resources for Medical Practices

August 24, 2020

Hurricane Preparedness and Response Resources for Medical Practices
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As if COVID-19 was not enough of a challenge for healthcare providers, we are now being threatened with two storms rapidly approaching the gulf coast. Issues surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic bring to light additional considerations for preparing your practice for a hurricane, such as staff returning to work after an evacuation and the delivery and receipt of PPE. To assist you with preparations for the impending weather emergency, LAMMICO has several complimentary resources available to our insureds to help limit further disruption to your practice:

Hurricane Preparedness Manual for Medical Practices

This manual offers tips on hurricane preparation, response and recovery unique to medical practices. LAMMICO policyholders can access the manual by logging in as a Member at The guide is available in the "Risk Management - Reference Manuals" section in the right-hand column.  

Risk Management Telephone Consultation

LAMMICO’s certified Risk Managers are available during regular business hours to answer your or your office personnel’s questions. Please contact the LAMMICO Risk Management and Patient Safety Department at 504.841.5211 or 800.452.2120 to speak to the Risk Manager on call.

Hurricane Preparation Checklist

Below is a brief checklist of items “to do” in preparation for the upcoming hurricanes. More can be found in the "Hurricane Preparedness Manual for Medical Practices" mentioned above.  

  1. Back up your EMR and financial information and ensure the backup is secure.
  2. Protect paper records to the best of your ability. Elevate above flood-level.
  3. Update your business continuity plan with current employee contact information.
  4. Verify the employees intended destination in the event of an evacuation (this may have changed due to travel restrictions or other circumstances).
  5. Notify vendors of an evacuation/office closure in the event of an expected delivery of PPE or other supplies.
  6. Change your office voicemail, and place an advisory on your portal.
  7. Print your appointment schedule for the next week, and ensure you have patient contact information to notify patients of appointment changes or cancellations. 
  8. Plan for conducting telemedicine visits from a different location.

Remember, LAMMICO is here to protect our policyholders. We are confident in the strength of our business continuity efforts to ensure that we can continue to serve you with minimal disruption in the event of a hurricane.

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